Welcome to Planet Decred

Welcome to Planet Decred

We are a community of developers for the Decred blockchain. We maintain the Android and iOS mobile wallets for Decred. We also co-founded and develop the dcrdata project which provides a blockchain explorer and chart analytics for the Decred blockchain. Our developers have also contributed to many of the code bases maintained in other parts of the broader Decred community. This community grew out of the team originally started by Raedah of Raedah Group. As we grew into a community of its own, we were also encouraged by many to take action to further decentralize Decred. The way we can do this is by building out the infrastructure this community needs, and by establishing a broader presence in communication channels that Decred enthusiasts can use to follow our work, provide feedback… and possibly even join us to help build. We are now launching a proposal to establish our community officially by having it approved by the Decred stakeholders. You can read more details about our proposal as soon as it is posted to Politeia.

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